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She is worth the wait!

Excellence is an understatement. Do not settle. The best in the business are worth the wait.

Amazingly professional and kind!

Erica had been highly recommended to me by a friend as I needed representation in a domestic dispute. I wanted someone “tough” who would fight for me and Erica did not disappoint! She was kind and empathetic and made me feel 100% supported. The case was resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again and I do highly recommend her! Her assistant, Donna, was great also!

Brillant, Passionate, & Dedicated Lawyer

When I first met Erica, I told her the attorney who had recommended her to me, she looked astonished. Erica told me how that particular attorney and her knew each other, they were opposing counsels in court years ago. They had never worked alongside each other, they had only worked against one another. I immediately thought to myself, “…this woman must be a great lawyer for an opposing attorney from years ago, fighting against her to win the case, professionally never worked with her, yet remembered her name years later when asked for a recommendation…she left one heck of a lasting impression on that opposing attorney.” Erica ended up proving that assumption to be true, she is beyond great at what she does. She is such a brilliant lawyer. Her passion, dedication, and professionalism are above and beyond. On our very first phone call, she listened carefully to each word I spoke, analyzed the information, formed a plan of action, and didn’t stop until it was executed. I had many up’s and down’s throughout this child custody case, and she was always reassuring and motivating. When it felt like the fight was gone in me, she kept pushing forward for the both of us to get the results we started out to get. What I loved the most was it didn’t matter where she was or what time it was, she was always available by phone and/or email, and ready to answer any questions or concerns I had. She made me feel like she was more of my friend who happens to be a lawyer standing beside me vs just my lawyer. The whole firm, especially her legal assistant, Donna, were equally amazing. Erica truly has a passion for her profession, a sincere dedication to her clients, and shows a high level of professionalism among her fellow colleagues, judges, and attorneys. I highly recommend Erica Baez.


Erica was highly recommended to me by my Victim Witness Advocate who had seen her in action. She stood by me during a very painful divorce, custody, protective order and child support case. She fought fiercely for my cause and gave me wise advice that saved me money and lots of headaches. I felt very safe and well represented in court. I love you, Erica!!!